Your Quest For The Best Graduation College In India Ends Here

best graduation college

best graduation college

After completing their schooling, the most difficult task for students, apart from choosing a field of study, is to choose a good college that delivers their desires. With the amount of government and private institutions in India that statistically stand at 22% and 64% respectively, it is indeed a Herculean task to choose the best graduation college in India from them.

What factors to consider in choosing the top graduation college in India?

The first and foremost factor is, of course, the course you choose for yourself. According to the All India Survey on Higher Education, there are approximately 83 Technical, 33 Agriculture, 24 Medical, 17 law and 10 Veterinary Universities in India. On the application of this filter, a large chunk of colleges is eliminated yet a great percentage of colleges still remain. The following factors will further help to narrow down the list of colleges:

  • Location:

After the course has been chosen, the immediate concern is the geography of the colleges. If you are willing to shift for the purpose and duration of your study, you will have more options of better colleges to choose from.

  • Affiliation:

Most colleges are part of Universities or at least are affiliated to a deemed and reputed university. The amenities and knowledge gained from these colleges are hills and valleys different from other colleges.

  • Teaching staff:

The amount of knowledge you will gain is directly proportional to the capabilities of the faculty of that college. Hence considering the skills of the faculty must be one of the important factors of choosing a college.

  • Placement:

Last but definitely not the least is the placements that a college can offer. Only 12% of the students who have completed their graduation opt for higher studies. But whatever your dream might be, it is important to have an offer letter ready in your hand as a proof of your capabilities. Thus it is important to choose a college that opens many doors to you.

Is college lifestyle also an important factor in choosing the best graduation college in India?

Now that all the important technical details have been discussed regarding the colleges let us focus on the less discussed but no less important considerations. Often the college lifestyle and personality is ignored in favour of placements and infrastructure. But a good college environment helps in successfully bagging all the factors as mentioned above. For example, considering Dr. K.N Modi Foundation with seven long decades of being the best graduation college in India can offer the company of knowledgeable and disciplined students apart from great placement opportunities and highly intelligent reputed faculty. Providing services in the management and engineering courses at the undergraduate level, Dr.K.N Modi Foundation offers the latest curriculum, good infrastructure, exposure, and internship and placement opportunities that certainly stands as a testament to the college’s reputation of being one of the top graduation colleges in India.

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