The Top Five MBA Colleges In Ghaziabad You Cannot Afford To Miss

top Five MBA college

The number of MBA colleges in Ghaziabad has grown along with the growing vogue of MBA as a career preference in India. While this advancement in the number of colleges procures increased recourse to pursue an MBA, it also gives rise to peer competition and other obstacles to get into a college that is credible and will provide your vocation with a head start that it requires.

There are approximately 55 MBA colleges in Ghaziabad. Of course, every college cannot provide you with the best of faculties, ambience, infrastructure; all this at an affordable fee at the same time. Therefore, choosing the right type of college to make most of the time and money you spend doing an MBA is very crucial.

Factors to keep in mind while selecting a college for your bright future

You need to keep specific qualification criteria in your mind so that you choose the best. Some of the essential criteria colleges should fulfil before being classified as amongst the best MBA colleges are as follows:

  • Quality and qualifications of the faculty 

Top MBA colleges in Ghaziabad will always provide you with best and quality personnel. It is the most vital factor you should keep in mind before selecting your college. They are the ones who will teach you about your course for the next two years and should be well experienced and skilful in their area of specialisation. The kind of teachers a college provides has the power to make or break your career. 

  • Global and National Accreditations

Best MBA colleges in Ghaziabad are usually worldwide acclaimed, have good NIRF rankings and other certifications which ascertain that pursuing an MBA from their college is worth it.

  • Placement record

Top MBA colleges in Ghaziabad certainly have the finest placement records. It is of no use attending a high profile luxurious college with advertisements all over but nothing to show in their placement records. Adequate placement opportunities are the right of every student, and if that is not fulfilled, maybe that college is not for you.

  • Curriculum and legacy

The best MBA colleges in Ghaziabad have didactics and curriculum of global standards. So search for innovative curriculum and education methods that go beyond theory. There should be a practical application, group seminars, self-evaluation, real-time problem solving, interactions with industry experts and more. Infrastructure also plays a crucial role in determining whether a college is right or not.

There are various MBA colleges but here’s a handpicked list of the five best MBA colleges in Ghaziabad:

• Centre for Management Development (CMD) by Dr KN Modi Foundation.- Received best Best placement Award by World Education Summit 

• Institute of Advanced Management and Research (IAMR) – Rank 2 by Outlook 

• Institute of Management Technology (IMT)– Rank 37 by NIRF

• Institute of Management Studies(IMS) – Rank 6 by Times of India 

• Institute of Technology and Science (ITS) – Rank 33 by India Today

All these colleges mentioned above are producing excellent MBA graduates every year. If you are looking for excellent colleges with the best of everything, then one of the top MBA colleges in Ghaziabad could be the right choice for you!

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