Scholarships & Loan Facility

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation encourages sincere, hardworking and meritorious students to achieve academic distinction through our series of scholarship schemes.

Top 5% of the students registered at the Institutes under K N Modi Foundation are awarded scholarships on the basis of merit, sports and social sensitivity. This reward comprises an amount that is equal to a specific part of the tuition fee. Students scoring 70% to 80%, 81% to 90%, and 91% to 95% will be given 10%, 20%, 30% and 50% scholarship respectively on tuition fee of their respective courses and applies only for those who have scored more than 95% in their first year examination.

In addition to this, students are benefitting from the scholarships by government of Rajasthan/UP or Govt. of India will be exempted from our scholarship programs. Besides, it is obligatory for the students to fill in a specified Performa for scholarship and present duly attested copes of required certificates. We consider rewarding the excellence as our contribution towards deserving but less privileged scholars and as motivation for others to achieve notable feat in their educational endeavors. This facility of scholarship can be secured for any course.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation also provides support to meritorious students in acquiring loans so that financial constraints do not restrict them from receiving the education they desire for. Today, all the major banks of the country are offering educational loans at reasonable interests for willing scholars. The foundation has forged association with renowned Financial institutions that provide the benefit of loans to our prospective and enrolled students for all the courses.

These facilities cover tuition fees, hostel fee and other necessary expenses. With the help of our experienced staff we provide assistance to our students in swift completion of loan applications and other related formalities. The conditions that are to be fulfilled to obtain the loans are determined by the respective banks as per their policies. The approval of the loan applications and the consequent repayment of the loan along with any other legal liability is the responsibility of the students or their parents. Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation will not be accountable and answerable in this regard.

Dr.KN Modi Foundation College Students
Dr.KN Modi Foundation College Students


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