Personal Accident Claim

Dear Students

You cannot predict an accident, yes, one can protect yourself against the financial consequences of an accident. Similarly being unwell being unwell and having admitted to the hospital is not only emotionally ,physically hazardous, but financially too. Medical care has become an expensive affair today. To overcome uncertainty in our day to day life, the management has decided to take Personal Accident policy & Mediclaim Policy for our students.

With cost of Rs 260/- year, as premium, our every student is insured for the sum of Rs. 2 Lacs payable in case of death, permanent total or partial disability with reimbursement of Medical expenses upto Rs. 10,000/- per accident & in case of bone fracture additional sum of Rs. 5,000/- will be also reimbursed. In case of death or permanent total or partial disability of the earning parent, total sum insured of Rs. 2 Lac will be paid by insurance company to meet the cost of fee & further education.In case of personal accident the student just submit the form can be downloaded from link mentioned in the last or can be collected from the Accounts department.

In addition to the above a cost @Rs1200/year , incurred towards Mediclaim Insurance Policy for the sum insured of Rs. 1 Lac for every student for cashless medical treatment, including hospitalization ( in network hospitals with min. 24 hours stay) including day care procedures. The policy would also cover pre existing diseases without any cap of daily room rent in addition to pre & post hospitalization expenses for 30 days & 60 days respectively. Each student will be issued an ID card mentioning details of TPA contact details . Regular counseling will be available for the students at the Insurance helpdesk ( on bi monthly basis) of the institute / school. In case of mediclaim, ID card issued by TPA needs to submitted , the TPA helpdesk of network hospital .If the student is already holding a mediclaim policy, the coverage of sum assured will be over & above , the policies already held.

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