Dr. KN Modi University: India’s Best Institute Of Technology and Management


Dr. KN Modi University was established in 2004 and has been managed by KN Modi Foundation ever since. The University is based on the noble idea of Dr. Kedar Nath Modi, who believed in the enrichment of the society by providing means for quality education to all. He believed that a nation could grow only when its youth are educated. This idea was made a reality through the establishment of Dr. KN Modi University in the Tonk district of Rajasthan.

Why Dr. KN Modi Institution is the leading institute of engineering and management

In the years that followed the foundation, the institution has gained the reputation of a well-established university with all the amenities and facilities that are required for an excellent education. It offers a variety of courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate. It is currently hosting 3000+ students who are enrolled in almost 54 different courses.

Approved by AICTE and UGC, Dr. KN Modi University is on a path of continuous growth. It boasts over 240 recruiting companies with prominent names such as Infosys, Citibank, IBM, HCL, Wipro, IDBI Bank, Max Life Insurance, etc. 

The University offers various specializations in courses such as Bachelor’s in Technology, Bachelors in Science, Masters in Technology, Bachelors in Business Administration. Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Arts, etc. It also offers courses in the fields of Law, Health Science, Architecture, and education. 

The university has a diverse student body, with students from all over the world enrolling to obtain education from India’s No. 1 institute of Technology and Management. 

How Dr. KN Modi institution imparts quality knowledge?

The university employs educators and professors who are experienced, dedicated, and have worked in the industrial sector as well. They ensure that the students get a complete knowledge of the subject and a deep understanding of all concepts. The university does not believe in traditional classroom experience for learning but in doing. As the university offers professional courses for industrial applications, they provide the students with invaluable practical knowledge and real-time working experience. 

For this purpose, the students are recommended for various summer and winter internship programs, seminars by renowned professionals, workshops of skills such as programming, soft skills, personality development, etc. which help the students in their jobs. 

The university also encourages bright young minds by offering scholarships to meritorious students. It also has programs for enhancing and developing the entrepreneurs in the students by funding their startup ideas and connecting them to companies that will help them grow further. 

Being an institute of technology and management entails that the university has an atmosphere of competition. They are always trying to use this competitive atmosphere to push the students to their limits, to make them excel in their fields by providing all the facilities that they need. 

This noble endeavor of Dr. Kedan Nath Modi becomes successful when the students of the institution excel and make a mark in the world.

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