Chemical Engineering: Career Scope of Chemical Engineers

chemical engineering colleges in India

chemical engineering colleges in India

Chemical engineering is one branch of engineering which has got a lot of academic as well as industrial opportunities. The major catch about this profession is that it is still developing in India, and so are the potential job opportunities. Once you complete your professional degree in chemical engineering you will be able to realize which area to focus on – whether the academic world or the corporate culture. In simple words, the field of chemical engineering combines different elements like physics, chemistry, mathematics and even a simple common understanding of the environment that surrounds us. The top chemical engineering colleges in India most often focus on the aptitude of the students rather than the marks.

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What Are the Potent Career Scopes That Chemical Engineering Offers?

Chemical engineering as many would agree with us, is a broad field and in order to establish your career, it is important to channelize your interest once you end up in one of the better chemical engineering colleges in India. Some of the major choices that are in this field include:

  1. Petroleum Engineering: Although established abroad, this field is a promising yet emerging career choice in India. Petroleum engineers are most often required either in research studies that are related to petroleum and along with that, there is a high demand for them in petroleum-based companies as well. The major area of focus in this field is the deep knowledge of petroleum, and you can find a high paying handsome job in the petroleum plants.
  • Chemical Engineering Professor: Embedded in the field of education, this one is a great option for those who want to pursue their career in the academic line and want to impart knowledge about this brand of engineering. There are quite a few good chemical engineering colleges in India, and hence the need for good professors is also quite high. For this purpose, you have to clear the NET examination, which tests your proficiency in the field. There is also a high scope to work on your research along with being a professor. It can easily earn you the doctorate title, which further brings more credibility to your educational background. It also opens a lot of better options and allows you to flourish more in the field of teaching.
  • Product Development: It is slightly a corporate career choice, which usually involves you working under a big multinational company that is vested in designing the products in this particular field. Not only for multinational companies, but you can also easily choose to work for the startup firms that are ushering in a new era of professional work, and the method of working is also quite different.

What Is the Salary ofa Chemical Engineer?

As discussed already, the major thing about chemical engineering is that it is still a developing career option, and it is yet to be accredited. The major catch here is that the profile of academics does bring a lot of opportunities with it, and hence the pay is also quite good. However, the scopes offered by the government sector are not very impressive and are yet to bloom. The highs are too high in this field, and the lows can also go quite low. So, the salary remains a subjective matter. 

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