Why is the BCA Course Popular Among Youth as an Undergraduate Course?

best college for BCA in India

best college for BCA in India

After completing class 12, it becomes very essential to choose the right career opportunity. BCA, or Bachelor in Computer Application, is considered one of the most sought-after course choices for youths. There are some good reasons why pursuing a BCA course from one of the best colleges for BCA in India absolutely makes sense for undergraduate youths.

Reasons Why BCA is a Good Career Option for Undergraduate Students:

A multi-faceted career opportunity

There is a growing trend when it comes to computer science graduates. With a degree in BCA, you can be employed in different sectors like healthcare, banking, trading, finance, and education. So, having a BCA degree gives you a world filled with opportunities in different sectors and verticals. Therefore, students find BCA programs from the top 10 BCA colleges in India to be the best undergraduate option to find enough career employment opportunities.

Lucrative salary packages

The best reason that makes a BCA degree lucrative is the salary package. After graduating with a BCA degree, students nowadays are able to start earning a pay-out of INR 5 lakh per annum on average. The lucrative career opportunities with high salary packages make it one of the best options for students. It is easy to earn well with a degree in computer science. The most lucrative opportunities are available from top-notch brands.

Jobs are easily available

Computer science graduates do not struggle to get employed. There are unlimited employment and job opportunities in the market. The prompt presence of information technologies and computers makes it a lucrative option to get employment. Jobs in the IT sector are very easily available. Undergraduate students don’t need to go through a difficult process to find jobs, unlike in other sectors. Every sector needs computer professionals, and it makes it, one of the most sought-after undergraduate courses.

Global career options

There are unlimited opportunities available for BCA graduates after completion of the course. The global presence is huge for BCA graduates. Students get placed all over the world with different brands and get global career opportunities. This opens up the prospects of earning a good fortune and getting global exposure in the IT industry. The global career opportunities attract students to go for a BCA course.

Job Opportunities for Students with a BCA Degree

Students who have completed class 12th can pursue a career in Bachelor of Computer Application. There are unlimited career opportunities with lucrative salary packages. Here are all the career opportunities that are available to undergraduate students after completion of BCA.

System Engineer: System Engineer job profiles are very common and attractive, with a lot of job opportunities and high packages. In this job profile, individuals develop, test, and evaluate system circuits and software.

Computer Programmer: Programmers need to be very well versed in computer coding and programming languages. Computer programmers have huge scope when it comes to taking up a career after completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Web Developer: When it comes to the IT industry, web developers are in high demand. They get employed with different development and digital marketing agencies and get well-paid job opportunities. The salary package is high, so a bachelor’s degree in computer application is a good deal.

System Administrator: BCA graduates can pursue a variety of career paths in the field of system administration. The payout is amazing, and the IT sector is producing a lot of job opportunities.

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