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The Foundation Values are essential for a meaningful existence… At Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, we believe in the power of values, character and integrity. It was the vision of Raizada (late) Dr. Kedar Nath Modi that transformed into the noble inception and unsurpassed success of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, a reputed and respected educational conglomerate that encompasses various individual educational entities. Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has made immense contribution towards the society and the nation by establishing contemporary professional and technical education facilities at every level.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has been built on the pillars of Quality Education, Social Service, Positive Attitude, Commitment, Dedication and Promoting Indian Values. Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has not only set up professional and technical institutes but also established schools and even adopted an uncommon yet progressive path by setting up a Sanskrit Vidyapeeth awarding degrees of Acharya and Shastri, where teaching is based on Gurukul Methodology. With a heritage of more than seventy years, Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation is relentlessly surging ahead on the path of progress by imparting excellence through education at different levels. The institutions under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation have been well-appointed with world class infrastructure and facilities to ensure quality learning.

Dr.KN Modi Foundation Colllege


B.Ed College

Engineering Colleges


Pharmacy Colleges

Postgraduate Colleges

Schools up to 12th Standard

Global School

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has appointed eminent faculty members throughout all institutions that not only excel in academic prowess but also believe in imparting holistic education and character building based on values and principles.


To become one of India’s most respected Universities and serve as a global educational hub of innovative learning, imparting quality education across all levels


To set up best AICTE Approved Colleges that provide a healthy environment for both faculty & students, that stimulate a spirit of teamwork, encourage innovation, and deliver excellence in all branches of learning

To enhance academic development by offering undergraduate & post-graduate programmes under AICTE Approved Colleges employing state-of-the-art technology, and cultivating knowledge through research

To develop a perspective of future growth by identifying areas of specialization, and forging alliances with other progressive institutions, national & international, to ensure better exposure & learning opportunities for students & staff and come under the list of top best colleges in NCR

To lay special emphasis on value-based education, promoting India’s heritage, history, culture & spirituality-while encouraging holistic personality development of all students

To undertake various activities for the welfare of larger community

Dear Students i consider this Foundation as my product of tradition and expediency. It aimed at organizational input for the purpose of bringing synergy in administrative and academic coordination, and above all, quality control and monitoring; which was necessary owning to the ambitious expansion of educational initiatives in the field of technology, management, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceutics etc.

To ensure the sustainability of operations and innovations that are to be brought out, in order to bring more purposive and demand satisfying offerings, we keep our aims high and focus clear.

I extend all my blessings and wishes to the foundation.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. S.K. Pandey

Dr.KN Modi Director

Dear Students my parents’ vision, beliefs, deeds and activities were all pervasive and wholesome. They not only confined to the growth of Modi Enterprises but operated in larger context of wholesome development of Industry Nationally and Internationally, besides being in the forefront in the promotion of social welfare, culture, sports, research, rural development, education and social development of people. As such it would be formidable to narrate their belief, visions, deeds, etc. in totality but as a mark of homage to both of them, emulating remembrance and above all to gain insight about a great humanists.

I welcome you all to the family of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation. We are very happy to have you on campus, marking a fresh start to your academic journey. You will be spending the most valuable years of your life on this campus, which will offer the best possible opportunities to enhance your intellect and pursue your dreams.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation is home to research oriented faculty and staff members who are committed to your success and will act as a catalyst for your learning experiences: both inside and outside the classroom. The knowledge quotient is alive and thriving at in all corners of Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation.

Your stint at the campus shall provide you with new insights, experiences and friendships to last for a lifetime. We extend our best wishes and look forward to your success. I look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant family.

Dr.KN Modi Foundation chairman

Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation has a lineage of seven decades and the institution is known as one of the most reputed and reliable names in the field of education.

This proven expertise and credibility has earned the foundation several respected accreditations and educational tie-ups. Each of the institutions under the foundation’s umbrella is UGC Approved Colleges in Modinagar and is accredited by respective authorities.

National Accreditations

Institution National Accreditations
Centre for Management Development
(Estd. 1983)
Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD., Govt. of India Accredited by
Accredited by NBA (National Board of Accreditation)
Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
Approved CMD’s PGDM Programme as equivalent to MBA
Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Engg. & Technology
(Estd. 1995)
Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD., Govt. of India & Affiliated to MTU
Noida, (Formerly U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)
Accredited by NBA (National Board of Accreditation)
Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research
(Estd. 1990)
Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD., Govt. of India & Affiliated to MTU
Noida, (Formerly U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)
Approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)
KNGD Modi Engineering College
(Estd. 2005)
Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD., Govt. of India & Affiliated to MTU
Noida, (Formerly U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)
KNGD Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research
(B. Pharm. - Estd. 2009)
Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD., Govt. of India & Affiliated to MTU
Noida, (Formerly U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)
Approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)
Dr. K.N. Modi Engineering College
(B. Tech - Estd. 2009)
Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD., Govt. of India & Affiliated to MTU
Noida, (Formerly U.P. Technical University, Lucknow)
Ginni Devi Modi Institute of Education
(B.Ed - Estd. 2006 - Only for Girls)
Approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)
Affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
Dr. K.N. Modi Global School
(Estd. 2009)
Affiliated to CBSE. New Delhi
Multanimal Modi PG College
(Estd. 1957)
Affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
Ginni Devi Modi Mahila PG College
(Estd. 1983)
Affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
Dr. K.N. Modi Science & Commerce College
(Estd. 1941)
Rukmani Modi Mahila Inter College
(Estd. 1950)
GGinni Devi Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth
(Estd. 1990)
Pramila Modi Junior High School
(Estd. 1973)
Gayatri Devi Modi Junior High School
(Estd. 1990)
Ginni Modi Community Opthalmic Research Centre
(Estd. 1976)
Dr. K N Modi University Rajasthan Established by the Government of Rajasthan
Recognized by UGC under section 2(F) of UGC Act, 1956

International Agreement

Dr. K. N.Modi University Jaipur, established by K.N. Modi Foundation Modinagar, has successfully entered into a mutually constructive agreement with Kent State University, a leading University in Ohio that was set way back in 1910. The agreement has been done with the purpose of having a strategic alliance wherein both the entities can mutually benefit together by taking up educational and research initiatives. The combined synergy of the two institutions is added to the programmes through academic and cultural exchange between the two universities.

An exchange of students and faculty members is carried out under the agreement apart from visiting faculties, exchange of academic programmes, joint research initiatives and working towards enhancing the quality of education at both the institutions is carried out as a part of this valuable agreement.

Dr. K. N. Modi University has become a member of Businet (an International Organization of Higher Educators) Businet has 93 members across 25 Countries. This network of Educational Institutes interacts amongst themselves in various areas. The entire member institutes work together to promote Higher Education, Faculty Exchange and Student Exchange. Seminars, Conferences are organized from time to time for this. Institutes from Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K., U.S.A are members of the Businet Network.


As a highly appreciated and esteemed educational entity, Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has been forming successful and mutually advantageous associations with leading corporates, educational counterparts and other entities for various purposes.

A number of leading industry players such as Wipro, Zenith, Reliance Communications, Pearson International, Campus Dias, Microsoft, Businet, National Knowledge Network, National Entrepreneur Network,, HT Campus, Ellora Eduventures Pvt. Ltd., Lords Distillery Ltd., Haryana Distillery Ltd and many others have been associated with Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation as recruiters of the students passing out from the University. The excellent academic track record of the students studying at the institutions under the umbrella of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has been the reason for the sustained faith of our valuable associates and links.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation is the name synonymous with values blended education.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has been established with a purpose of serving the nation with education that empowers the youth to make a difference and build a glorious future for themselves and the nation. All the institutes that incorporate under this foundation are within the list of top best colleges in NCR.

Dr.KN Modi Foundation

There are various reasons for you to choose this one of the most prominent Foundation Institutes in Uttar Pradesh for a brighter and prosperous future.

A Rich Heritage

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation came into existence in the year 1942 with the establishment of the first school in Modinagar. The dream of Dr. K. N. Modi was to serve the society with opportunities to learn and be able to contribute to the growth of the nation.

Since then the foundation has been setup with a great thought & vision. For the past seventy years it has been delivering excellence through education that blends with values and Indian tradition through establishing top AICTE recognized colleges in Modinagar and most recently UGC recognized Dr. K. N. Modi University at Newai Distt Tonk Rajasthan.

Academic Excellence

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation is home to more than 36000 students pursuing success oriented education across 52 professional disciplines at 26 state-of-the-art campuses. The Institutes under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation offer unparalleled learning in various subject areas and at different levels. The teaching methodology adopted and followed by Institutes under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation provides the students with practical understanding of topics and concepts thereby ensuring that the knowledge gained by the students is applicable in the mainstream industries. In order to achieve this and design the courses and programmes based on real time industry scenarios and emerging technologies, meticulous research is done on all topics pertaining to the courses.

Eminent Faculty

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has a record of producing excellent students in all the fields and the most important factor behind this track record from past seven decades is our eminent faculty that are associated with each college. The paramount faculty is a part of all the institutes under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation and they work relentlessly day and night to make the learning process more interesting and understandable to all the students. The faculty in the colleges pays individual attention to all the students and also makes sure that they fully comprehend whatever is being taught. The faculty also undergoes a process of learning, exploring and understanding new concepts by regularly updating their databases through well maintained libraries provided individually by all the institutes. Hence, we can conclude that amongst all the AICTE approved colleges in UP, the institutes associated with the foundation have the best faculties across the region.

Values Driven Learning

What have set Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation apart from the others in the league are the rich Indian values that are an integral part of the teaching pedagogy and approach adopted by all the AICTE Approved Colleges in Modinagar under its umbrella. Living by the core values of imbibing trustworthiness, integrity, respect and dignity in the students, Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, one of the best Foundation Institute in Uttar Pradesh, lays emphasis on not only imparting quality education but also enlightening the students with the significance of these values and encouraging them to become good human beings, good citizens and successful professionals, essential ingredients for a good life.

Computer labs in Dr.KN Modi Foundation College

Eminent FacultyTechnical & Infrastructural Edge

All the AICTE Approved Institutes in Modinagar that come under the circle of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation are spread across an extensive area of 200 Acres at Modinagar and UGC recognized Dr K. N. Modi University has been built over a sprawling 42 Acres area.

At Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation we believe in setting no boundaries for growth and walking at pace with emerging technology therefore, a world class campus has been developed to provide the students with various facilities and conducive learning environment.

The campuses are well equipped with futuristic IT infrastructure in terms of interactive classrooms, Wi-Fi access throughout the confines, modern laboratories, smart classes and digital libraries.

Placement Records

The students passing out from the institutions under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation get instant opportunities in reputed organizations. We have established associations with several recruiters who have immense faith and proven experience of hiring students passed out from various institutions under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Modinagar.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes & Dr K.N. Modi University provide students with Video-Conferencing and Multimedia facilities. Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes & Dr K.N.Modi University have a tie-up with “Pearson International” for providing best available world class multimedia enabled and simulation based content for higher education. Fully equipped smart classes are available at the campuses.

All the Labs are fully equipped with latest equipment. Communication Lab is a popular hub with students at the campus. Students use this Lab for preparing speeches, to brainstorm topics, organize ideas or arguments, develop critical thinking and enjoy videos.


ERP system is fully operational, which enables, parents to know about the performance of their wards from time to time. ERP enables biometric attendance system through Smart Cards. Hand held device is issued to all students.

ERP System

State-of-Art air conditioned Auditorium is functional in all Institutions which enables Faculty & Students to hold Seminars, Conferences & other Events.


All the Institutes, schools & University running under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, maintains a healthy & peaceful atmosphere where drinking & smoking is prohibited. In case any student is found guilty of misconduct or any other illegal activity strict action is taken against them.

No Smoking zone at Dr.KN Modi Foundation College

A Robotics workshop was organized at Dr. K. N. Modi University Campus & Dr. K. N. Modi Institute of Engineering & Technology. The Workshop was organized by the University & Institute in collaboration with Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd of IIT Kharagpur. The workshop received tremendous response and enthusiasm from the students.

Robotics workshop at DR.KN Modi foundation College

Prof (Dr) Rakesh Kumar Khandal (Chief Mentor)
Dr K N Modi Foundation.

President R & D & Business Development India Glycols Ltd, Noida, a mentor, Teacher, Leader, Manager, an Orator and an Innovator, these are a few words that are synonym to Prof (Dr) R K Khandal. He not only professes the values of Indian culture but he himself practices the fundamental principles of humanity and society, while dedicating himself to the cause of technical education, meaningful science and research.

Prof (Dr) Rakesh Kumar Khandal (Chief Mentor)

Prof (Dr) R K Khandal hails from Alwar District of Rajasthan. He did his graduation and Post Graduation in Chemistry from the Hindu College of The University of Delhi. He received his PhD Degree from Indian School of Mines Dhanbad in Applied Chemistry. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) United Kingdom.

Prof. Khandal is known for the conversion of ideas from lab scale to commercial scale. He is well known for his expertise in various branches of the chemical sciences leading several groups of scientists pursuing research in various areas of science and technologies.

Prof (Dr) Khandal started his career as a lecturer from Indian School of Mines Dhanbad. He became Director of Sri Ram Institute for Industrial Research Delhi an Internationally reputed research institute, at a very young age and served there for more than 11 years before taking over as the Vice Chancellor UPTU, Lucknow. He is known for his research in: nano-technology, renewable energy, green buildings, food processing, pesticide formulations, polymers etc. He is an expert of radiation processing technology, natural polymers, food-safety management, validation of new products and processes, waste management technologies.

He has guided 30 students for PhD. He has authored more than 140 research papers in peer reviewed National and International journals of repute and more than 100 articles. He has authored four books and edited two books. He has 14 International Patents in his name.

Prof (Dr) Khandal is the recipient of many awards: INSME International award for Innovation; R.N Bangur Memorial award for novel technologies; R.G Deshpande award for popularization of Radiation processing technology; Meri Dilli award for contribution towards improving standards of citizens of Delhi; Srishti awards for green technologies, Waste management and environment protection, Amity Academic Excellence award for pioneering research and academic excellence, Amar Ujala Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to education, Lifetime achievement award by World Environment Congress in food preservation, safety, environment protection and renewable energy and UP Ratan Award.

Lt Gen Amit Sarin PVSM (Retd) Mentor
Dr K N Modi Foundation.

Lt Gen Amit Sarin is a highly decorated officer of the Indian Army. He was awarded PVSM on the Republic Day in 2017. The General Officer has been awarded the coveted PVSM on the occasion of Republic Day 2017 for his valuable contribution to the Indian Army during his tenure as DGOS.

Lt Gen Sarin PVSM, AVSM, SM,VSM,ADC DGOS and Sr Col Comdt was commissioned into Army Ordnance Corps on 17th December 1977.

Lt Gen Amit Sarin PVSM (Retd) Mentor

He has been instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing the automation in Army Ordnance Corps. He has given a major push towards modernization of Ordnance and Ammunition echelons and towards providing better logistic support to the field army.

Under his stewardship, the Ordnance Corps has been the Nodal Directorate for implementation of e-procurement and e-publishing for Indian Army. The General Officer took over the reins of Army Ordnance Corps on Aug 27, 2014. During his illustrious career, the General Officer has already been awarded Sena Medal in the year 2000, VSM in 2008 and AVSM in 2015 for his immense contribution to the Corps and Indian Army as a whole.

During his career span of 39 years in the Army the General Officer has held various prestigious Commands and Staff appointments and has specialized in the field of Logistics management of the field Army. He is a Post Graduate from DSSC Wellington and MBA in Materials Management from Rani Durgawati University. The General Officer has attended the Higher Command Course and the prestigious NDC course.

Maj Gen M S Sandhu VSM (Retd)
Mentor Dr K N Modi Foundation.

A very versatile, experienced person in almost all functional areas of management at various levels – including strategy, operations, finance, logistics, IT & HR both the in Army & the corporate world.

Maj Gen M S Sandhu belongs to 1963 batch NDA. He did his M Sc Defence Studies from D S Staff college, Wellington, MAMS from US Army Comd & Gen Staff College and MBA from College of Defence Management.

Maj Gen M S Sandhu VSM (Retd)

He is widely travelled across India and around the world for his profession al assignments, education sports, as part or head of official delegations.

He has extensive experience in interaction with all government departments and several foreign diplomatic missions in India. He was specially selected for the post of Commandant, Presidents Body Guard, Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi, this is a prestigious assignment -to function in a / No Mistake syndrome.

He took active part in the 1965 and 1971 Pakistan wars s a Tank Commander. He also served in counter insurgency operation in Nagaland and Mizoram. He was also posted in the high-altitude areas in Sikkim against the Chinese.

Maj Gen M S Sandhu has vast professional Experience spanning 50 years. He was one of the youngest officers to be commissioned and rose to become Maj Gen. He served in Indian Army from 1964 to the year 1997. In 1997 he took pre mature retirement from services.

Since he retired from Army, he has been working in the corporate sector and consulting / advising. He has worked / Anand Group effectively managing 800 employees, their concerns, ambitions, aspirations, keeping in mind the interest of the organization.

He developed fast trackers as future leaders; by institutionalizing / Mentor Programme, / Management Resource Programme, ALIVE (Anand Leadership Initiative for Value Enhancement) and / Linch Pin Positions. He is also responsible for conceiving and implementing modern HR practices to include 360 degree appraisal for development.

Anand Group was adjudged as one of the top 25 companies in the / Best Places to Work, survey organised by Grow Talent, for two years 2003 & 2004.

Maj Gen Sandhu has been awarded as HR Professional by / Great Places to Work and Amity University.

Maj Gen Sandhu still enjoys his reputation of doing things differently and bringing good innovation in every assignment.



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