6 Lucrative Career Options After BBA


When it comes to BBA, there are a lot of students who want to pursue the field but, at the same time, are confused about the career options that are present in front of them. To make sure that you have a better understanding of the same, today, we will talk about the six lucrative career opportunities offered to you once you have completed your BBA course. However, always aspire to get into the best BBA colleges in India because this will ensure that your placements are much more promising than other students. There are other opportunities, but we have tried to discuss some of the well-paying careers.

6 Job Opportunities After Completion of BBA

As you all might know, the BBA course is a three-year bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and hence, after completing the same, you get offered many career opportunities in the same field. Some of the most desirable job opportunities in this case are:

  • Administrative Services:

The first and most common choice most students tend to take up after completing a BBA course is joining the administrative services like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. You will see that many students who have completed their BBA course are preparing for government job opportunities and even get selected into the same because of the exposure in the field of business administration and how to carry out the same.

  • Master of Business Administration:

The next thing you can do when completing a BBA degree is to pursue an MBA course after the same. The most important reason we ask you to pursue this area after you have done a BBA is that it always gives you better exposure as a student. You can consolidate better whatever you learn in the undergraduate degrees. After MBA, you are eligible for a lot of executive positions as well in top companies.

  • Entrepreneurship:

If you note the history of successful entrepreneurs who have made their way from the Indian background, you will see that most of them have accomplished a career in BBA and then given themselves a shot at building a startup. We can save with the conviction that being an entrepreneur can be the most rewarding thing you can come across, and BBA helps you understand how you can structure the entire business for a successful return. 

  • Marketing:

Another very promising job rule that many students overlook is that they do not go forth with marketing and think it is not for BBA. But this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because even in the curriculum for the top BBA colleges in India, you will see that marketing is one of the most important topics discussed. It is extremely promising if you can make your way in the marketing field.

  • Foreign Embassies:

This might be unknown to many people, but you can actually seek job opportunities in foreign embassies after completing a BBA degree. There are quite a few promising foreign embassies that provide students with great job opportunities to kick start their careers.

  • Business Administration in Corporate Companies:

Finally, the most common job opportunity that is offered to most students who are from the field of BBA is business administration in corporate companies. Here the student has to analyse the business strategy being used and how it can be made better for further advancements. 


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