5 Most Preferred Branches of Engineering in India

If you are looking for the best private engineering colleges in India, choosing Dr. K.N Modi Foundation can be your best bet.

If you are looking for the best private engineering colleges in India, choosing Dr. K.N Modi Foundation can be your best bet.

Engineering attracts millions of young students each year. Clearing the competitive exam is one component of becoming an engineer, but choosing the right field based on interest is also a very significant decision. Various top engineering colleges in India offer multiple fields of engineering. 

The following is a list of the best engineering courses that students can select from to make their career a successful one.

Top Branches of engineering

  1. Electronic/Electrical/Communication engineering:

Electrical engineering has been one of the most attractive branches of the private engineering domain for several years. This field can prepare students for careers in manufacturing automation, healthcare power generation, electronic magnetic and circulatory, robotics, and electronic sensors. Telecoms and mobile technologies have also progressed in recent years, and electronic communication has become a subset of electrical engineering.

Who Should Choose?

If you are good with mathematics and physics and like electrical /electronic gadgets, this is a perfect field for you. 

  1. Computer science / Field of IT

For an aspiring engineering student, information technology and computer science need no introduction. It has been in demand for the last three decades and has a bright future. Engineers from the field of information and technology can get high pay packages, and opportunities are available to them globally. Microsoft, Google, Infosys, IBM Wipro, HCL, and many other companies have offices in India, and they look to add new talent to their ranks each year.

Who should Choose?

Those who like technology, are good at coding, and would like to get into the research of the limitless realm of computers should consider computer science and information technology courses in engineering.

  1. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the oldest engineering domain since it is related to construction. The field of civil engineering is popular all over the world and relates to architecture and construction of buildings, bridges, houses, roads, etc.

Who should choose?

Being good at mathematics is one of the requirements of being a good civil engineer. If you want to be in a company where you are open to working with co-workers related to architecture and construction projects, you can choose this field.

  1. Chemical engineering

The field of chemical engineering is not as famous as computer science and civil engineering. Several people believe that chemical engineers are not in demand in India. This belief is far from reality as this domain of engineering is very popular, and several private colleges in India offer this course. Chemical engineers are required in the field of refining, pharmaceutical, food processing, and many other industries.

Who should choose?

If you like reading chemical formulas and are good with complicated chemistry terms, you can choose chemical engineering. It will allow you to learn about petroleum products, organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceuticals and fertilizers, etc.

  1. Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is another field of engineering which has been around for a long time. The demand for mechanical engineers is high in technology, automation, construction, and many other industries. However, to get the best pay, students should pursue mechanical engineering courses from any of the top private engineering colleges in India.

Who should choose?

Mechanical engineering students need to be good with mathematics and physics. Mechanical engineers are required in the manufacturing, vehicles, technology, and machinery, etc.

A Final Note 

Besides these 5 branches, the field of engineering possesses various other branches including Aerospace Aviation Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Petroleum Engineering etc. However, you must figure out your interest and then proceed with a particular domain. If you are looking for the best private engineering colleges in Indiachoosing Dr. K.N Modi Foundation can be your best bet.