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Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation organized a foreign Industrial trip for management students to Dubai so that Students may have global corporate exposure.

Dubai Trip
Dubai Trip

Dubai Trip

The enthusiastic students took part in the tour very sportingly and had a great learning experience over there. They visited a number of companies in Dubai out of which many were renowned for their work. One of the Companies they visited was “Dubai Cables” which is also popularly known as “DUCAB”. The company is into production and manufacturing of cable wires.

The students learnt about various in house concepts that are involved in the manufacturing of cables. The work culture, the people, the opportunities and every minute detail was explained to the students of DKNMF. The primary purpose of this visit was to make students aware of the new technological innovations & strategies evolved in Dubai. This global exposure gave students a much better understanding of international environment in which they might have to work in future.

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