RTNN 2011 National Seminar & Workshop on Recent Trends in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Applications & advantage held on 9th April ,2011.

Nanotechnology operates at the first level of organization of atoms and molecules for both living and anthropogenic systems, i.e. Nanotechnology is a field of science and technology of controlling matter on a scale between 1-100 nanometers.

This is where the properties and functions of all systems are defined. The unique physical, electrical and thermal properties of these various types of NenoNano materials give them novel electrical, catalytic, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, or imaging features and make them special ingredients for a number of applications.

These Nano materials have very high tensile strength, have excellent electrical conductivity, and have the ability to bear high working temperatures. Such fundamental control promises a broad and revolutionary technology platform for industry, biomedicine, environmental engineering, safety & security, food and countless other areas.

2011 National Seminar & Workshop

Open Source Technologies

CSI (Computer society of India) under the able guidance of HOD (IT) and CSI Ghaziabad chapter associatively conducted a workshop on “Open Source Technology”. CSI was represented by encouraging presence of Professor K.K. Gupta, RKGIT (Ghaziabad), and active member of CSI Ghaziabad .About 200 students from IT Departments actively participated in the workshop.

  • Introduction to Free and Open source Software (FOSS) and its advocacy
  • Linux Installation Demonstration and install fest
  • Demonstration of Open Office.Org office suite
  • Eclipse IDE

Our Department is also involved in various technical events conducted in our college. These events are useful for all-round development of the students. To make the students aware about latest trends in industry various seminars are also conducted:

Web Designing

Under this students are demonstrated about how to develop website with the help of software available in the market

Embedded System

In this seminar students were imparted knowledge about the wide application areas of the evergreen field of embedded system.

Ethical Hacking

Students were made aware about the threats which an internet user may face.

Aptitude Test

Students were administered rehearsal of the written test which they might face at the time of placement drives.

Robotics Workshop in University

A Robotic workshop was organized on 29th November 2011 by the University in collaboration with Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and was supervised by the Foundation’s chairperson, Dr. D. K. Modi. The workshop received tremendous response and enthusiasm from the students, who got first hand knowledge about microcontrollers, sensors, motors and programming using robotics software.


 The irreproachable event of Robotryst’12 presented by Robosapiens India Pvt Ltd held at IIT Kharagpur, was organized in Dr. K.N.Modi Institute of Engineering and Technology which was selected as a zonal center inviting 25 other colleges . The workshop was inaugurated by Director Dr. A.K. Jain. All departmental heads were also present in workshop.

The worshop was conducted by treasured officials of Robosapiens India, Mr. Surendra Parihar and Mr. Satish Kumar. As the name abridges, the workshop dealt with ‘robotics’ and the practical application of Engineering and Technology in the field of Robotics. This workshop involved two working days which included: 16 hours workshop. These 16 hours were divided into two parts including.

Theory session

This was the learning part where students got a quick but clear glimpse of the basics involved in robotics.

Practical session

This was the competition part where every team had to land their self made robots for completing the arena in minimum time.

Workshop Detail

The event started at 9:00 am with alacrity to improve upon the practical knowledge. The FOURTEEN teams participating were as follows:

  • Autobots
  • Decepticons
  • Lucifer
  • Gizmoreeboot
  • Robotrons
  • Gakarot and its maker
  • Vulcans
  • Black pearl
  • Rising tide
  • Cyborg
  • Fortuners
  • Sambhavam
  • Synergia
  • Unicorn Raptors

This accounted to a total of 62 students.



Day 1:

The first day of event, 5th November ’11 covered the basics and initials of electronics and computer science (programming). Students were given a detailed study so that every doubt is cleared and a firm base is given to upcoming concepts. Day 2: The second day started with enhanced zeal and enthusiasm. Being the last day of session things got further detailed along with an interactive session when the practical of programming and robotics were given a start. It covered the topics like

Day 2:

The second day started with enhanced zeal and enthusiasm. Being the last day of session things got further detailed along with an interactive session when the practical of programming and robotics were given a start. It covered the topics like:

  • Path finder robots
  • Line following robots
  • Edge avoiding robots
  • Satellite controlled robots
  • Cell phone controlled robots
  • Autonomous robot
  • Fire fighting robot
  • Computer controlled robot
  • Robot vision

As the workshop ended with the learning session, each team was given one hour time (3:30 to 4:30 pm) for preparing their LINE FOLLOWER. All teams were agog and giving an unmatched show of interest. The final and exciting competition amongst the teams broached at 4:30 pm.

Teams were called up then for landing their robots on the arena designed as per the lesson been taught. Each team had to go through TWO ROUNDS on the same path and the team with minimum time required for completion of the path was destined to be the winner. All teams were at a slight difference of time but the winning teams were as follows:

2011 National Seminar & Workshop

1st Autobots


2nd Gizmoreeboot

  • Shivam Sharma
  • Piyush Gupta
  • Utkarsh Dwivedi
  • Shiva Srivastava
  • Arun Pathak
  • Jeshu Dubey
  • Alka
  • Aakash

3rd Lucifer

  • Shubham Pathak
  • Pavendra Singh
  • Vijay Anand
  • Nikil Tiwari
  • Mahendra

Autobots being the winning team will get the wild card entry to the national level competition robotryst’12 by robosapiens india pvt ltd. Being held on 14th january 2013 at  IIT Kharagpur.

The winning teams on being enquired about their experience gave an overwhelming response. “Autobots” team leader said “We had a great time and experience. Winning this competition has brought in us great confidence, a golden opportunity to test our skills and REPRESENT OUR COLLEGE DR. K. N. MODI INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY AT A NATIONAL LEVEL.”

The reviews of our guests and speakers of the workshop namely Mr. SURENDRA PARIHAR and Mr. SATISH KUMAR were highly contented and jovial with the response and concluded with a nice adage “ITS GOOD TO FACE THE CHANGE RATHER THAN CHANGING THE FACE”
In a nutshell, the event was fruitful and a great success. Such events not just bring knowledge for students but also provide them with a platform to showcase their talents and build confidence to learn from their mistakes.

A national level competition being organized at Dr. KNMIET as its zonal center would surely bring with it an upsurge of new opportunities and platforms that should be welcomed with open arms.


Dr. K. N Modi Foundation welcomed Honorable President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on 3rd September 2011 to this prestigious learning institution. Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation was pleased to be enlightened by him with his valuable knowledge. His Excellency very kindly consented to bless our students with “Ashirvachnam”. He asked students to “what they want to be remembered for?” He told them to evolve themselves and shape their life in a manner to invent, innovate, discover, create societal change, fight against injustice, planning & executing mission of networking rivers.

Dr. Kalam gave his best wishes to all the members of Foundation, success in the mission of developing quality human resource for the nation.


Karamyogi is a book written on the life of our role model Dr. Kedar Nath Modi founder of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation. This book was launched by Mr. Kishore Biyani (Founder of Future Group) at IIC, New Delhi on July 8, 2011.

Seminar in University

There was first national seminar organized on 17th January 2011 at Dr. K. N. Modi University. Many professors and other delegates from various schools, colleges and Universities attended the seminar. The topic discussed was “Emerging Trends in Higher Education”. Main purpose of this seminar was to make everyone aware of the recent changes that have taken place in the field of higher Education.

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