Rules & Regulations

  •  Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  •  Students are not permitted to enter the campus after 9:00 a.m. and are not allowed to leave the Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes before 5:30 p.m.
  •  All the students should come either in the Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institute’s bus or stay in the hostel. Buses are operated for the convenience of the students and he/she can board the bus at his/her nearest boarding point. All the Students are not permitted to come by Motor bikes/Cars inside to the Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes.
  •  Students should submit their original certificates of 10th, +2 mark list, Education Certificate, Conduct Certificate & Transfer Certificate. Community certificate should also be given when required.
  •  We insist on minimum 90% attendance for the theory classes and 100% attendance for the laboratory classes.
  •  Each student is allowed to avail not more than 8 days leave in a semester. Leave letter with parents’ Signature of leave accompanied by Medical Certificate for one day is considered as one day leave. But absence for one day without permission is considered as two days leave.
  •  All requisition letters for Expenditure certificate, Industrial visit permission, all OD’s, leave letters, Medical certificates, Permission, Hostel matters including permission and leave should be addressed to the Program  Coordinator.
  •  All requisition letters for Bonafide certificates, Scholarship form, Charitable trust scholarship form, Project permission letter and In-plant training should be addressed to the Registrar.
  •  All students in the campus should be neatly dressed. All boy students are expected to wear the uniform provided by the Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes on the prescribed dates decided by the Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes. They should wear shoes only, Jeans and T-Shirts are strictly not allowed. Slippers will not be permitted. Students should not have long hair and beard. The Dress code should be followed in the lab/workshop.

Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Electronics, Mechanical Workshops and Communication Skills Labs For both boys and girls
Basic workshop, Dynamics, Thermal, F.M, S.M, Machine Shop, Welding, foundry and all Electrical Labs For both boys and girls, dress code will be fixed by the Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation Institutes depending on the nature of the Laboratories and workshops

  •  Each student will be provided with his/her name and photo in the ID card. They should wear the badge while they are at the campus and in the bus.
  •  Each and every student will be attached to a Lecturer as a Student Counselor. This counselor will advise/counsel his/her academic and other activities during the entire course. Students are required to approach their counselor for their academic needs. They are advised to feel free and spend their time for discussions with the students’ counselor.
  •  Change of Address: If there is any change in the address, Parents should inform the respective ‘Students’ Attendance In-charge’. Boarding point in the ID card should also be changed immediately.
  •  An industrial visit will be arranged for our students in a semester.
  •  Students are preferred to come to Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes by our Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institute’s buses only. Hence parents are requested not to provide two wheelers or any other vehicles to your ward to come to the Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes.
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