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SHASHWAT PRAYAS: An Environmental Society

Shashwat Prayas is an Environmental society formed under the guidance of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation that works to spread awareness about change in climate and to encourage the use of renewable energy resources. As observed by us, we have been facing various troubles due to the carbon emissions and one of them is climate change. India has witnessed huge property & life loss due to the same. We believe that its time that someone should take the initiative to protect our environment in the best way we can.

Through this society we are spreading the message of personal level contribution for every individual towards the betterment of the society and our motherland. It’s our responsibility to keep our earth safe in order to survive longer and better in this life. Let this country awake, to see again the beauty which our fore fathers enjoyed in their times. It is just the matter of taking the initiative and providing the right direction, the masses will follow. 'Shashwat Prayas' is one such initiative for the same.

The literal meaning of "Shashwat Prayas" is a combination of two hindi words - 'Shashwat' & 'Prayas'. 'Shaswat' means everlasting while on the other end, 'Prayas' is a term meaning efforts. Hence, the complete literal meaning of the phrase "Shashwat Prayas" is everlasting efforts.
"We work in harmony to achieve common goals without anticipation of future gains for the good of everyone associated with us."


DR. K. N. MODI Foundation is in the collaboration with Infosys Technologies for industry-academia partnership initiative termed Campus Connect. The program aims to deepen the industry-academia relationship and created a strong foundation for the future needs of growing IT Industry.

Technology & InfrastructureThe program focuses on preparing “Industry-ready IT professionals” by aligning engineering student skills with the needs of the industry. IT service majors have noticed certain skill gaps in fresh recruits from engineering colleges, while serving their customers. The need for industry-academia partnership is therefore required in order to enhance the readiness of fresh engineering graduate workforce and make engineering student “industry-ready”. Infosys, in this campus connect program, is therefore, sharing with the academia its technology training methods, courseware, student project samples and other such learning resources.

The main benefit of the student is a better chance of employability in an IT enterprise. Outstanding performance in the Infosys Comprehensive Examination will also make such students eligible for early association with real – life projects, sign-on bonus and special benefits.

MECHBOLTS- A Mechanical Society

The students of mechanical 3rd year in this perspective are keen to establish a mechanical club to enlighten themselves with the upcoming technological developments in the present scenario. They had established a mechanical society called ‘MECHBOLTS’.

The prime aim behind the establishment of this club is to get updated about the cutting edge technologies as well as to groom the personality of the students so that they can become strong competitors in the present fast changing technological scenario.

CHESS- A Chemical Engineering Student Society

CHESS is a student’s society, which organizes social events, and helps in creating awareness among the students about the latest developments taking place in the field of chemical engineering. It gives a chance to the students to participate in various activities, thereby assisting them to gain basic experience of chemical industry.

CHESS organizes both technical as well as non-technical events under the name “CHEMIZONE”. Team work, cultural etiquette and discipline are the main focus of all members of this society. The various programs conducted under this society stimulate the interests of the students in various fields and makes them more competitive in the modern world. Our mission is to create and sustain an environment for learning, enquiry and generation of new ideas to aid the education of chemical engineers who will lead the profession, in the development of new technologies and in the service to the industry.

IEEE- An Electronics & Communication Engineering Student Society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a non profit professional association headquartered in New York City that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence. It has more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries, about 55% of whom reside in the United States. IEEE's Constitution defines the purposes of the organization as "scientific and educational, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering, as well as Computer Science, the allied branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences In pursuing these goals, the IEEE serves as a major publisher of scientific journals\ and organizer of conferences, workshops, and symposia.

It is also a leading standards development organization for the development of industrial standards in a broad range of disciplines, including electric power and energy, biomedical technology and healthcare, information assurance, telecommunications, consumer electronics, transportation, aerospace, and nanotechnology. Under the umbrella of IEEE, in session 2009-2010 second year students of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation established IEEE STUDENT BRANCH DR. KNMIET.

This is a successfully running society of the college which organizes various technical events in every academic session. This year it organized a tech fest named AUNAAD’11, a two day workshop on MATLAB and many more various events.


The above mentioned club is an entity of Microsoft Corporation Ltd. whose societies are established in different colleges across the country. These are run by Microsoft and they conduct events (mainly related to Information Technology) under the name of Microsoft Student Tech Clubs. The sole purpose of this club is to promote latest technologies of Microsoft to the students so that they can be aware of the developments. In Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation, Microsoft Student Tech Clubs was established by IEEE and the events are organized by students of Pre-final year i.e. 3rd year with the support of some volunteers from 2nd year.

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