Message from the Chairman

Dear Students

My parents’ vision, beliefs, deeds and activities were all pervasive and wholesome. They not only confined to the growth of Modi Enterprises but operated in larger context of wholesome development of Industry Nationally and Internationally, besides being in the forefront in the promotion of social welfare, culture, sports, research, rural development, education and social development of people. As such it would be formidable to narrate their belief, visions, deeds, etc. in totality but as a mark of homage to both of them, emulating remembrance and above all to gain insight about a great humanists.

I welcome you all to the family of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation. We are very happy to have you on campus, marking a fresh start to your academic journey. You will be spending the most valuable years of your life on this campus, which will offer the best possible opportunities to enhance your intellect and pursue your dreams.

Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation is home to research oriented faculty and staff members who are committed to your success and will act as a catalyst for your learning experiences: both inside and outside the classroom. The knowledge quotient is alive and thriving at in all corners of Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation.

Your stint at the campus shall provide you with new insights, experiences and friendships to last for a lifetime. We extend our best wishes and look forward to your success.

I look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant family.

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