Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation Institutes & Dr K.N. Modi University provide students with Video-Conferencing and Multimedia facilities. Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation Institutes & Dr K.N.Modi University have a tie-up with “Pearson International” for providing best available world class multimedia enabled and simulation based content for higher education. Fully equipped smart classes are available at the campuses.

All the Labs are fully equipped with latest equipment. Communication Lab is a popular hub with students at the campus. Students use this Lab for preparing speeches, to brainstorm topics, organize ideas or arguments, develop critical thinking and enjoy videos.

ERP system is fully operational, which enables, parents to know about the performance of their wards from time to time. ERP enables biometric attendance system through Smart Cards. Hand held device is issued to all students.

State-of-Art air conditioned Auditorium is functional in all Institutions which enables Faculty & Students to hold Seminars, Conferences & other Events.

All the Institutes, schools & University running under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation, maintains a healthy & peaceful atmosphere where drinking & smoking is prohibited. In case any student is found guilty of misconduct or any other illegal activity strict action is taken against them.

A Robotics workshop was organized at Dr. K. N. Modi University Campus & Dr. K. N. Modi Institute of Engineering & Technology. The Workshop was organized by the University & Institute in collaboration with Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd of IIT Kharagpur. The workshop received tremendous response and enthusiasm from the students.

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